We connect retail shops with quality manufacturers.

Pedaling Forward is a new ecosystem that strives to forward and evolve our existing bicycle industry. It is an innovative channel structure that reduces redundancy and confusion between supply and demand.

In this new ecosystem, interactive relationships between retail bicycle shops and manufacturers are encouraged. Retail shops can quickly get accurate first-hand product information from the manufacturers; while manufacturers can better react to the market needs based on feedback and ordering decisions of retail shops.

With this innovative channel structure, products come directly from manufacturers’ inventory. Thus, these original manufacturers who are also the products’ service providers ensure that relevant information reaches retail bicycle shops in a timely manner. As a result, this significantly reduces redundant costs passing along the benefits to retailers. In turn, retail bicycle shops gain more freedom and room to develop their businesses.

Business is changing every day

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Unfair Playing Field!

The advent of mass merchandisers and online shops in recent years has eroded pricing, resulting in lower pricing structures for all. As a result, consumers, tempted by low pricing, tend to discount the indispensable service provided by professional bike shops.

Losing Profit!

In the short term, consumers benefit from lower pricing structures at the expense of struggling businesses. This pressure causes price erosion that cuts into gross margins. The long-term effect is the further erosion of quality, service and innovation.

Being Disconnected!

Change is the only constant in business. Making sure that business is connected to the right resources can be the difference between getting ahead or being left behind.

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Pedaling Forward, powered by Patisco.com, turns B2B communication into the private social network. Thus, Pedaling Forward seamlessly integrates online catalogues, order taking, and B2B communication.

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Get to know the manufacturers who share the same passion for bicycles, quality craftsmanship and product service. Together, this integrated business model is further strengthened by numerous activities, such as sample testing, sponsorship opportunities, product feedback, after sales service and so on.

Make It Possible

Directly connect to the global supply chain, stay abreast of market trends, participate in new product development, obtain first-hand product insight, provide manufacturer supported service, gain increase loyalty from customers, lower inventory risk, and make more profit.


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Prices include shipping costs and custom duty (excluding VAT)

2-year Factory Defect Warranty & Product Liability Insurance

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Pedaling Forward works closely with bicycles and bicycle parts manufacturers. These providers are well respected and have more than 10-years of industry experience. With their patented designs, production facilities, and brand names, they strive to bring their businesses to the next level. Together with bicycle retailers, consumers will once again get innovative quality products with superior personal service.


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